Impact of Metals in human lives according to Ayurveda - Dr.Shivani Pandey

In older times, emperors were wearing Gold in the form of various ornaments. Their clothes were also made up of Gold threads. They were also using gold, silver, copper utensils too.

Why girls and even boys ear piercing were done compulsorily as a ritual from older times?  This could be a method of saving money, making deposits but, why mainly Gold, Silver?

The use of these metals in our day-to-day life can really improve our health.  Here, are some astonishing facts about these metals on our body mentioned in Ayurveda.    

Gold: It is a metal with Sheeta virya (cold potency) i.e., will work good in case of ailments caused due to heat. It is Kantikara means provides illuminating effect on the skin. So, it will produce good results in skin related issues. It is a good Rasayana means can boost your immunity. It has Sarvarogahara property which means it has potential to eliminate all diseases. It can work for Vishabadha vinashanama i.e., it has potential to reduce effect of various poisons and toxins. It is Netrayam means does wonders for your eyes. It is Pittaamaya prashamana means can pacify Pitta dosha and reduces effect of diseases. It is Hridya daurbalyahara parama means it can be best for heart ailments.

Silver: It is also having Sheeta virya, Rasayana, Sarvarogahara property like Gold. It is Balavardhaka i.e., can improve the strength of your body. It is Ruchikaraka means improves natural perception for taste. It’s Lekhana property helps in scraping out kapha dosha and body fat from the body. It’s Vayahsthapaka property helps to upholds the youthfulness in our body and gives longevity. It is Medha vardhaka means helps to improve the intellect of a person.

Copper: It is having Ushna virya (hot potency). Thus, should not be used in the conditions with more body heat like Pitta prakopa.  The best property Copper have is Krimighna which means it can kill harmful or pathogenic microbes. It is Kushthaghna which means it can eliminate all the skin diseases. It is Vishaghna i.e., it can nullify the effects of toxins in our body. It is Netrayam (good for eyes) as well as Vrananashaka (can heal wounds). Thus, it works best for infections in various parts of our body.

Bronze: It is an alloy of Copper and Tin that’s why it gives benefit of both the metals. It is also Krimi-Kushthahara, Ushna virya, Lekhana like Copper.  It is Netra prasadanama which means it cleans or purifies eyes. This could be possible that it improves the secretion by Lacrimal glands and reducing dry eyes.   

The use metals mentioned above doesn’t means that these metals are to be taken internally. These should be used either in the form of utensils for keeping food, water, liquid diets, etc or are to be used as ornaments, which will make sure that these elements are getting absorbed in the body. The use of these will help in boosting the immune system which is very important for longevity.                


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