Why increased screen time causes ill-effects on eyes? : Dr.Shivani Pandey

The eyes can get dried and may get irritated due to the long hour screen timing. These days it is getting common among people of all generations. Nowadays, even children are also using mobile phones, tablets, etc on a regular basis along with Televisions. The adults are having their maximum work done using laptop, mobile phones. Even, the entertainment is also not done without any screen use.

Why increased screen time causes ill-effects on eyes?

Various studies showed that during reading or watching something on the screen or concentrating on the screen, you blink for a very less time period; this causes your eyes to dry. Concentrating on the screen for a longer time can also cause stress on the eye muscles. Thus, we need to take care of our eyes too on a regular basis.

How blinking eyes helps in prevention from dry eyes? 

Blinking helps in spreading of tears on your eyes. This clears the eye surface from time to time which washes off any dust particles present over it. If, this process is not happening properly then, it can cause dry eyes or irritation due to the dust particles or microbes present over it.

Tears are made up of water, some salts, anti-bodies, lipids, mucin and most importantly lysozymes. These lysozymes are enzymes which have anti-microbial properties which prevents eyes from any infection.

How to take care of your eyes?

As our body muscles requires exercises likewise, our eye muscles too.

Try to do eye exercises on a regular basis for keeping your eye healthy. This may help to correct your eye vision.

As our eyes are also having a Pitta called Alochaka Pitta and a Kapha called Avalambaka Kapha which needs to be taken care of. So, try to do Sun gazing during morning hours between 5 am to 6 am when Sunrises or during Sunset. This will improve the eye sight by balancing these doshas in eyes.

Try to keep eye packs on your eyes prepared by using flowers like rose petals and vegetables like cucumber, potato, bottle gourd in grated form. For this purpose, you can also use cotton balls dipped in Rose water. This procedure reduces the temperature of your eyes i.e., less than your body temperature which helps in accelerating the healing process.

Try to reduce your screen time by engaging yourself more with your family, friends, etc. This will help you to reduce the screen time very easily and will improve your bond with your family.

Try to develop some hobby like painting, crafting, driving, cycling, dancing, cooking, writing, etc which will not only engage you but, will also work psychologically by improving the happy mood and zeal in you.

Try to go outside, do walking, running, jogging, cycling and mediation in your free time or breaks. 

Last but very important is, use 3 drops of Nabhi Sutra Eye Care Belly Button oil in your navel before you sleep. 


Brassica nigra -It helps to make your eye sharper from within.

Cocos nucifera – It is Sheeta virya (cold potency) and Chakshushya (good for eye health). It is having anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-bacterial property and helps to reduce dry eyes.

Olea europaea – It helps to reduce the chances of developing age related macular degeneration of retina.

Cow ghee – According to Ayurveda, it is Sheeta virya (cold potency) and Chakshushya (good for eye health). It is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acid which maintains good eye health by improving ocular conditions, dry eyes and age related macular degeneration of retina.

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