Does scalp massage really work for hair growth?

In today's world, nine out of ten people are affected by hair loss.Though most of them are temporary due to climatic or hormonal changes, the others can have permanent stay because of heredity. Anyone can face the issue of hair loss but the thing is, it is normal for some people and unusual to the rest. However, constant hair loss over time can lead to baldness. People frequently hide their hair loss and try to avoid it by using DIY solutions such as applying makeup, wearing unique hairstyles, wearing hats or caps, or even scarves. Hair loss causing baldness is more common in men than women, and hair loss can appear in unique ways depending on the factors causing it.

Here are a few causes that must be contributing to your hair loss.

  • Heredity: The most common causes of hair loss are genetic disorders that occur with age. It usually happens gradually and in a predictable pattern, with the hairline receding and causing bald patches in men and thinning hair along the scalp in women.
  • Hormonal and medical treatment: A variety of conditions can cause permanent or temporary hair loss, including pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, hormonal changes due to the thyroid, PCOS, and many more. It is associated with the immune system and causes patchy hair loss, scalp infections such as ringworm, and a disorder called trichotillomania that causes hair to fly off.
  • Radiation: Radiation can be a significant issue; when it directly hits your scalp, it can cause significant hair loss. These radiations can occur in many different forms. It could be because of the therapy program that you are undergoing, living near electrical industries, and so on.
  • Stress: Many people experience thinning and loss of hair due to emotional shock triggering stress; however, this is temporary.
  • Hairstyles and Salon Treatments: Pop colors and trendy hairstyles are something that every person is looking for. But do you know how many harmful chemicals are used while you are going through the treatment? Those colored pigments can lead to permanently damaging the hair root, resulting in less or no hair growth.

Okay, now that we know our reasons; how do we stop it?

Many treatments are available at your dermatologist's office, but the best way to stop it at home is the good old remedy - to massage your scalp with high-quality hair oil. This Ayurvedic practice of massaging some pressure points on your scalp originated in India, has been going on for thousands of years, and has shown positive results all around the globe. The Nabhi Sutra launches a brand new oil specially curated for the promotion of hair growth. The ADHYAY Overnight Scalp Oil is a perfect fit to promote your hair growth journey.

What makes this oil a perfect fit is the combination and formulation of nourishing and all-natural ingredients that will help you win back your long and healthy hair. Some key ingredients that we have used for the best possible outcomes are: onion, thyme, fenugreek, turmeric, coconut, neem, and a few secrets from granny’s diary.

Our experts have seen that all these ingredients have naturally occurring vitamins A, C, and E. Also, these ingredients are rich in iron, making them a wonderful fit for your hair growth journey. The ADHYAY oil is also cold-pressed, which ensures that during the oil extraction process it has not lost any nutrients and has retained all the goodness that it promises. The oil also contains essential oils, which add to the goodness of the oil and improve your hair's health. Applying oil to your scalp stimulates the follicles to produce thick and healthy hair!

Here is a guide to knowing how to exactly massage your hair for the best possible results.

There are approximately 108 pressure points on your body; these points are known as marmas (Sanskrit for pressure points). 31 of them are positioned on your head and are connected at a point where arteries, veins, and cervical nerves intersect.

There are six major combs on your head that promote good hair health.

  • The Adhipati is a very delicate spot that is located in the center of your skull. You can find it eight fingers above your eyebrows.
  • The Simantaka: These are five suture joints present across the scalp region.
  • The Krikatika: There are two of these points positioned at the junction of your head and neck on either side of the cervical vertebrae.
  • The Vidhurm: Just as in Krikatika, there are also two Vidhuram points, each present behind and below both of your ears. These are the depressions just behind your earlobes.
  • The Shankha: This point is also positioned at two parallel places. The two Shankha points are each present in the temples between the ears and forehead.
  • The Utkshepa: There are two Utkshepa points, one on each side of the scalp hair lining above the Shankha points.

To begin your scalp massage, start by brushing and untangling your hair. Comb for a minimum of 30 seconds to improve the blood circulation for better penetration of the oil to your roots. Apply warm oil to your scalp by parting your hair; the best way is to use the dropper that Nabhi Sutra provides with the Adhyay Overnight Scalp Therapy Oil. Massage the oil for about 3–5 minutes after every drop of oil, making sure to massage the pressure points correctly with a soft hand. After massaging again, comb your hair for about 30 seconds to increase circulation and get the best results the next morning. You can keep it overnight and sleep on it for the best results, but if you wish, you can keep it for about 2 to 3 hours for flawless results. Wash it with a sulfate-free shampoo to minimize the chemical exposure to your scalp. You can also apply Nabhi Sutra's Hair Belly Button Oil for better and faster results. Keep oiling regularly for a couple of months to get the best results. Does scalp massage really work for hair growth? Well, you just have to keep trying and follow these methods!

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