The Art Of Balancing Doshas For Holistic Wellness

 Why can't you sleep enough? Why are you craving a lot of junk? Why are you feeling stressed all the time? The answers are within you and you need to find them in order to restore the right health.

As per ayurveda, we have five elements in our body namely ether (space), water, air, fire and earth. These elements combine and create doshas which further rule our body temperaments. They often dictate our feelings, our emotions, our regulations between the organs and more. Ether and air combine to make Vata Dosha, fire and water combine to make Pitta Dosha, lastly earth and water combine to make Kapha Dosha. Any imbalance between the two elements leads to the Dosha imbalance further resulting in various problems in our body.

  • Vata Dosha Imbalance

Vata imbalances usually interlink to severe dryness. Dryness internally as well externally of the body. When the dryness is being caused internally then you can expect problems such as bloating, gas or dehydration to occur. While dryness externally can look like chapped lips, flakiness and roughness in the skin and hair. It is noticed that Vata imbalances also lead to restlessness and dizziness alerting dryness and lack of awareness in the mind as well.

How to fix it?

  • Hydrate Your Body: It should be unsaid how important hydration is to vata imbalance type. Drink a lot of water to solve internal dryness and eat plenty of water rich vegetables and fruits. Cook your meals in vata pacifying oils such as almond, sesame or avocado oil. Make sure you level up the intake of water-content significantly.
  • Moisturize The Ayurvedic Way: Massage your skin and hair with oils such as coconut or almond to beat the prevalent dryness. Traditionally, oiling just not the skin and hair but also the belly button to overcome such concerns was done. Try Nabhi Sutra Healthy Hair Care and Sensational Skin belly button Oils to bring back the lost radiance of skin and glisten of the tresses.
  • Meditate and Sleep Often: Being attentive is of utmost importance in everyday life otherwise you miss out on a lot of essentials. With vata imbalance, you can feel lost and sleep deprived. Meditate at least for 15 minutes every day to restore your attention span. There are a lot of meditation apps available today to ease and make your meditation session exciting. Fix one time to go to bed everyday and stick with it to have a healthy sleep routine. If you are having trouble sleeping, pour our Sleep Inducing Stress Reliever Belly Button Oil every night before going to bed to have an improved sleep quality.
  • Pitta Dosha Imbalance

When you begin to develop severe acne, inflammation, anger issues or burning sensations, it is time you understand that your pitta dosha is imbalanced. In pitta imbalance, the heat levels of your body rises. Hence, you tend to suffer hot flushes and other related problems. You might sweat more than before and the feelings of jealousy and ego might arise often. It happens when you start consuming oily, salty, processed, deep fried, meaty foods, tea or coffee excessively. Sitting or being in the sun for too long and bearing an immoderate amount of it may also cause your pitta levels to get out of balance.

How to fix it? 

  • Foods That Cool Your Inner Self: Dietary modification is of must in case of pitta imbalance. Foods that have cooler essence such as leafy greens, cucumbers, cauliflowers, apples, oranges and more are recommended to calm down the acids of the stomach. Reduce the consumption of tea and coffee and try swapping it with coconut water. The ultimate aim is to reduce the heat level of the body and better the digestion of the body. To ramp up the everyday digestion process and promote detoxification, use our DAILY DIGESTION & DETOX BELLY BUTTON OIL which will seep deep into your body through the navel and prevent problems such as acid reflux or constipation.
  • Practice Yoga: Yoga can be really helpful in order to pacify anger issues and also shed some sweat. Sweating can ward off the heat in your body and give you some happy adrenaline rush. Performing yoga can also calm your mind and distract you from any negative emotions you might be feeling.
  • Dedicated Treatment For Acne: Acne is the prominent sign of pitta imbalance; therefore, follow an exclusive routine to cure and keep acne at bay. Incorporate natural remedies such as neem, tulsi, or aloe vera in your skincare routine. Concentrated oils were poured in the navel to beat such skin issues. You can try our Acne Control Belly Button Oil in order to overcome severe skin acne problems.
  • Kapha Dosha Imbalance

Kapha Dosha imbalances are generally recognised with a feeling of heaviness. There is a constant affair of common cold due to production of mucus, gaining weight, feeling heavy in the stomach and a sense of lethargy all the time. On an emotional end, you are always feeling sad or dissatisfied accompanied with an unwillingness to pursue anything. The imbalance is triggered when you have a sedentary lifestyle with improper nutrition.

How to fix it? 

  • Warm Balanced Meals: Since there is excess of mucus in the body, try to consume food with warmer temperature. Refrain from having cold or frozen food and consume a diet that is balanced with all the macros and rich in nutrition. Foods like lentils, papaya, broccoli, and whole wheat based can be really helpful to get rid of cold. Dried fruits such as raisins, plum, and apricots also work greatly. Divide your meal plate in four halves and significantly fill in protein, carbohydrates, fiber, fats macros in it.
  • Move Your Body Often: Sedentary lifestyle is one of the major reasons to cause kapha imbalance in the body. Exercise everyday even if it is for 30 minutes to give your body a sense of activeness.

Journal Your Thoughts: Constant feeling of sadness can make you feel trapped and even worse when you do not have any place to vent it out. Pen down your thoughts and feelings whenever you are feeling down. Journaling lets you be you and the best part is it does not judge or ask any questions as well!

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