3 Ancient Morning Rituals That You Can Still Follow For Holistic Wellness

It is often said that morning routines set the tone of your entire rising day and therefore, it is extremely important for them to be solid. But in today’s fast paced city lifestyles, it can be a tough call to set and stay committed to everyday habits. 

However, fostering a daily regimen is the initial step to any road of wellness. An activity only yields results when it is practiced everyday and this is why as per Ayurveda; if you are going to develop even one habit for any time of the day, it must be of the morning! Typically called ‘Dinacharya’ in Ayurveda, ‘din’ means day and ‘acharya’ means activity, it endorses one to follow one particular drill every single day that energizes and prepares the body and mind for the coming day. This ancient practice enables detoxification and balance through routine supporting wellbeing and prosperity in life!

By maintaining the equilibrium through inculcation of good everyday practices, you invite the wealth of great health which directly impacts and elevates the quality of every aspect in your living. While many ayurvedic routine techniques might come and go every year like a hyped trend; there are some traditional rituals that have been a part of most Indian homes since a long time now and to which you can come back any time and begin following for the enhancement of your day!

Worshiping And Watering Tulsi Plant

Morning routine that is deeply steeped in our homes, to those who worship Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi, the presence of Tulsi Plant is a must for them. Ideally placed in the center of the courtyard or entrance of the home, Tulsi is known to bring prosperity and wellness in one’s life. Apart from the general ritualistic beliefs, the plant also consists of medicinal properties that have been used in the Ayurveda for several years to treat problems such as cough and cold or skin issues such as acne or eczema. 

To begin with, it is worshiped in the morning right after one bathes and cleans themselves. The process of worshiping usually entails watering the plant alongside chanting a prayer to uphold the sanctity of the almighty and invoke peace and happiness for the family. It has been a legacy in a lot of families till date and the whole activity offers calmness and feels meditation alike. When you water Tulsi as the first thing in your morning routine, you are being close to the greenery exchanging the energies with it which will soothe your mind and energize your day.

Backing it up through science, it is said that Tulsi Plant must be watered daily in combination with the sunlight because the plant has a slow root growing process in general and also has a huge water requirement throughout the day compared to other plants. Therefore, watering the Tulsi Plant everyday and keeping it alive allows you to have a gateway to natural medicine and positive energy in your home!

Practicing Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar, a special 12-step yogasana that is thoughtfully integrated and woven together translates into ‘Sun Salutation’ literally. It benefits the body and mind in multiple ways and is practiced as a ‘warm-up’ before any yoga session. It allows opening up of the body as the process involves stretching all the parts step-by-step thereby strengthening and preparing all muscle groups for further activity. 

In modern day, the majority are shifting this outdoor tradition indoors that directly affects the essence of it. This ayurvedic routine is meant to be performed outside in the sun with minimal to light clothing so that the energy falling from the sun rays can be absorbed by the body. From bowing down to the sun to turning away from it, Surya Namaskar is practiced facing away from the sun. This is essentially done to receive the sun heat on your spine, which is typically considered the center of your body, to stimulate the spirit of the sun in your entire system to promote healing and regeneration. Incorporation of it in your regular routines makes you more mindful with your coming activities and also increases your attention and awareness span throughout the day! 

8AM SunBathe Therapy

To mankind, there is human and nature known to be alive. So what happens when a plant does not receive sunlight? It eventually loses its spark, right? It is more or less similar to the human body as well. The only difference is that the plant might take a week to wither and our body might take 20-30 years for the same! 

When we have restricted consumption of sunlight or the incorrect consumption of sunlight, our body tends to dull gradually and the effect shows off in the form of various diseases or with even lack of glow in our skin. We need a constant dose of sun to keep the functioning of our body a smooth sail. And the dose does not mean that we need to absorb the heat of the sun, our body needs light from the sun which typically shines around 8AM in the morning!

Moreover, the studies prove for us that even 10-minutes of 8AM sunbathe everyday stocks us with enough Vitamin D to work equivalent to supplements. It holistically impacts the development of various functions such as better calcium absorption, maintenance of bone health, and strengthening of hair follicles. 

Our bodies are biologically meant to be wired with nature's clock. How we start our mornings are not just contended till the morning time but they also decide how we are going to end our day. Morning sunlight exposure just not keeps us on track with the entire day but it also promotes healthy and better sleeping patterns. Making it a key morning routine, sunbathe therapy has been known to relieve mild depressions and progress mental health as well! As much as we’re told about the beautiful sunsets, witness the enchanting sunrises as well for holistic wellness!

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