Why there is a need to understand about skin care routine during summer?

As according to Ayurveda, Ghrishma ritu (Summer season) is considered as the season with the hottest climate. During this ritu, due to the Sanchaya avastha (accumulation) of Vata dosha, Prashamana avastha (pacification) of Kapha dosha and environmental heat; your skin may suffer a lot of changes which are unwanted. The heat and humidity causes increase in moisture loss from your body leading to dehydration of your skin as well as body. This makes your skin to suffer from dryness, inflammation, rashes, irritation, etc. Thus, it is really important to keep yourself as well as your skin in a hydrated condition during summers.

The hot climate makes the person to sweat, if there is humidity in the surroundings. This humidity leads to excessive perspiration or sweating which gets mixed along with the sebum as well as dead skin tissues. This accumulation along with the bacteria causes pimples, acne, etc.

Luckily Ayurveda has lot of things which can help you with these skin conditions:

      A.For Oily skin:

  1. Apply ice packs: The best thing an oily skin person can do during summers is applying ice packs in the morning. This helps to shrink the oil producing pores thus, it prevents excessive oil production. You can prepare various ice packs using cucumber, lemon, rose water, green tea, mint, orange, etc. The citrus fruits help to get rid of excess oil production on your skin. This you can understand by applying lemon on any oily utensils. How, the utensil turns magically free from oil.
  2. Eat less spicy foods: The spicy foods increase excessive production of oil on skin. It can cause your stomach upset in summers as it is really common to get such problems.
  3. Take refreshing drinks: Try to take cool, refreshing drinks made up of cucumber, falsa, lemon, water melon, etc.
  4. Face pack: Apply multani mitti or sandal pack along with rose water. You can also prepare cucumber packs, besan or gram flour packs along with turmeric, gram flour with dried lemon or orange peel powder.
  5. Apply 3 drops of NABHI SUTRA SENSATIONAL SKIN CARE – BELLY BUTTON OIL on your belly button. This will prevent excessive oil production on your skin.
  6. Use ADYAY SHATA DHAUTA GHRITA SKIN REPAIR EMOLLIENT wherever you have redness, pain, sunburns, etc.

    B. For Dry skin:

    1.Eat seasonal fruits and take refreshing drinks: 
    The skin with a dry texture needs proper nourishment during summers. Thus, whatever is fresh and hydrated will hydrate your skin. Again, for dry skin you can use cucumber, water melon, melon, lemon, orange and even ripened mango as well as raw mango.

    2. Face pack: The face packs for dry skin should have a little fat content like you can add raw milk, curd, any fresh fruit juice, etc in your face pack powder. As dry skin just requires a layer of fat to get rid of excessive moisture loss during summer.

    3. Use ADHYAY SHATA DHAUTA GHRITA SKIN REPAIR EMOLLIENT as it is best suited for extremely dry skin. It will hydrate and plump up your skin naturally even in summers.

    C. For combination skin/sensitive skin:

    As the name itself suggests “sensitive” for anything or can react on anything. Thus, it is you who is the best doctor for your skin health. Before trying anything new it’s your duty to take a patch test on your hand or for better check you can apply it on the region behind or in front of your ears.

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