Managing Dosha During Summer!

Summer is approaching day-by-day and I know you might be feeling anxious as during these years’ temperature gets way higher during summers. Here are some foods and regimes you need to take care of during this summer. This will help you with reducing the accumulation of Pitta dosha in your body which will reduce the occurrence of Pitta dosha dominant disorders throughout the year.


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According to Ayurveda, Ghrishma ritu is considered as a ritu with the hottest climatic conditions which can be correlated with the summer season. This season is really hot due to the Sun’s position as the sun ray’s hits at a steeper angle and thus, doesn’t spreads as much causing increase in temperature in a particular region. During this season, wind is also very unhealthy and may lead to heat strokes commonly called as “Loo lagna” in some parts of India. Loo is a summer wind which blows from the west regions reaching Indo-Gangetic Plain of India. It is of low humidity and very high temperature ranging upto 500C which can lead to fatal heatstroke conditions. Thus, Vata dosha enters Sanchaya avastha (accumulation) during this season which needs to take care of. Along with this, Kapha dosha starts to enter Prashamana avastha i.e., natural pacification of Kapha dosha.

What you should include in your diet plan and in your lifestyle during this summer?

  1.  Intake plenty of water: Its quite obvious that you should intake plenty of water during summer as due to sweating or high temperature exposure water gets evaporated easily making person feel dehydrated. But, here are some key points need to be taken care of:
  • The water should be boiled and cooled or it should be this much pure.
  • There should not be any heavy chemicals in it.
  • You can start your morning with water which was kept overnight in copper vessel. But, don’t take this for whole day as over intake of copper can cause side effects too.
  • For daytime or whole day, you can use silver glass for drinking water as it adds on Sheeta guna in the water stored.
  • Store water in mud pot as it makes the water alkaline in nature. This helps in reducing acidity caused during summers.
  • Try to store water at a place where moon light falls as it helps in natural cooling and thus, increases its Sheeta guna.
  • Don’t gulp excess amount of water all of a sudden as during summer digestive fire is low due to the higher temperature of the surroundings.
  1.  You can also increase intake of water in the form of fresh fruit juices, sharbats (like roohafza, khas, phalsa, etc), smoothies, lassi, buttermilk, sattu, aam pana, coconut water, thandai, barley water, etc. As along with water, loss of electrolytes also occurs during summer season. These cool drinks keep the cell hydrated and your body temperature at low. As the digestive fire is low during this period thus, heavy foods doesn’t gets digested easily. These drinks also have some fibers in it which makes it healthy to drink.

  2.  You can take food which are easier to digest –
  • Sprouts (especially moong dal) – They have jeevaniya guna but, can be taken only twice a week in morning hours as it could be little difficult to digest. Thus, soups made up of sprouts can be made as this will cook it a bit.
  • fresh fruits (seasonal fruits like)
  • vegetarian food including Madhura (sweet), Snigdha (oily), Sheeta (cool) and Drava (fluid) guna for e.g., unpolished white rice.
  1.  These are some regimes you should follow in order to avoid excessive heat during summer:
  • Firstly, you should choose some cool spots either in your home or park area or even your terrace. Avoid artificial source of cooling like air conditioners.
  • Here, you can apply sandalwood paste or any other aromatic mud paste on specific regions of your body where you are facing heat issues.
  • Try to wear light color dresses which are lightly fitted.
  • It will be alright if you are taking a nap during the day time in summer.


  1. Avoid taking plain curd as it may aggravate Pitta dosha.
  2. Try to avoid doing exercises, over-indulging in sexual activities and taking alcohol. According to Charaka, those who have got addicted to alcohol can take it in a very diluted form or in lesser quantities.

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