Marigold (Genda), beyond a traditional flower! : Dr.Shivani Pandey

Marigold named as Genda in common language in India. This flower is just not for ornamental use as if it is being used in temples, pooja, etc especially by Hindus from a very long time. It is being used on all other auspicious occasions especially for its beauty and refreshing scent. The colour of this flower is bright yellow to orange which makes it more attractive as this helps to repel negativity from the environment.

Ayurveda considers its medicinal properties and it is being used from centuries by our ancestors. In Bhavaprakash Nighantu, it is considered as having properties like Vrana nashaka (wound healing property). It has cooling property and helps to regulate aggravated Pitta and Kapha doshas.

Genda Phool, magic herb for skin care:

Modern science has done so many research on the Marigold extract. It was found that it is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory due to its high linoleic acid content. Linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid and must not get confused with acid like Hydrochloric Acid, Nitric acid, etc. Linoleic acid helps to provide moisture and makes the skin look plumped without making it to weigh down. It works well for sensitive skin as it protects the skin’s natural barrier. It protects the skin from UV rays and some specific air pollutants which can be responsible for causing free radical activity causing wrinkled and aged skin. One thing great about Linoleic acid is that, it is also an omega-6 fatty acid which means it is having the capacity to make your skin supple, nourished, moisturized as well as maintain the integrity of your skin’s barrier function. Marigold extract is a considered as having strong antiseptic contents which means it helps to slow down or completely stop the growth of any microorganisms i.e., it prevents any sort of infection. It is a good astringent which means it helps to shrink the skin tissues that gives a skin tightening effect for a temporary period. Due to its astringent property it also helps in the reduction of acne and pimples by reducing the blood flow as well as by providing cooling effect at the same time. 

Marigold has soothing effect on dry, damaged, dull and sensitive skin. This Marigold extract is generally suitable for all the skin types and it is gentle for skin eczema and psoriasis. It also has high flavonoid content which are amazing antioxidants. These powerful antioxidants can help to reduce the aging process and provides good soothing effect to skin. The Marigold flower extract helps to heal the skin due to its regenerative power providing reduction in skin dullness. One of the oil present in Marigold flower called as Calendula oil; was found to have shown improvement in the symptoms of inflammation like swelling, redness, etc. Marigold extract can help to lighten and brighten your skin complexion by reducing the dark spots as well as hyperpigmentation. It also encourages the collagen production which helps to reduce the signs of aging and wrinkles of your skin.   

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