Understanding periods cramps according to Ayurveda!

There are five types of Vata (body element associated with air and space) in our body; out of which one is Apana Vayu. This Apana Vayu works below the navel region in our body i.e., below the belt region. Its natural as well as primary movement is considered as downwards and away from the body. This Vayu is responsible for the movement of the body fluids, body wastes, etc away from the body like urine, stools, semen, menstrual blood, etc. If due to any reasons this natural movement gets disturbed then, it causes aggravation of the Vata leading to painful conditions.

How you can prevent periods cramps or pain during your menstrual cycle?

As the disrupted movement of Apana Vayu causes painful conditions like cramps, vomiting, diarrhoea, etc during menstrual cycles. Thus, the best thing you can do is to regulate the natural movement of Apana Vayu. Here are some period crams home remedies which you can do:

  • Wear loose clothes during these days even the under garments. As even little pressure due to the tight clothing can aggravate the pain, as it may hamper the Vata movement.
  • Try to use hot water/gel packs in pubic region; as it will help to pacify the aggravated Vata which is having a cold potency naturally.
  • Try to take rest as much as you can in those days and make yourself sit comfortably. As over exertion can be a cause of Vata aggravation.
  • Apply Nabhi Sutra Menstrual Pain Relief - belly button oil which will pacify the Vata and thus will prevent your cramps as it contains:
  1. Ricinus communis
  2. Zingiber officinale
  3. Lavender oil 

Which kind of Yoga or Pranayamas you can perform during these days?

Try to avoid difficult yoga postures during these days and rather do pranayamas; as it will increase your Blood Oxygen level, calm your mind and prevent your mood swings.

What kind of diet you should prefer during these days?


  • Make your meal little simpler during these days and have complete meal.
  • Drink coconut water, lemon water, Oral Rehydration Solutions, etc as during these days you can feel dehydrated.
  • Try to take little dark chocolate during these days as it is having high Magnesium content which may relax muscles and prevents excessive muscle cramps. Chocolates also helps to alleviate mood thus, prevents mood swings by regulating hormones a bit. But, taking in excessive amount may trigger a heavy blood flow.


  • Try to avoid dairy products in those days if you are unable to digest them easily.
  • Do not take curd during these days as it may hamper the Vata flow.
  • Avoid foods which are made from refined wheat flour (maida) likes Pizza, Burger, Biscuits, etc.
  • Avoid snacks, spicy foods, etc.
  • Avoid any cold food like ice creams, cold drinks, as it may aggravate Vata.

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