Tagar, a herb every woman will love : Dr.Shivani Pandey

Menstruation is the woman’s monthly cyclic bleed which occurs due to the normal shedding of the uterine lining in every month of her life span till the cessation occurs. This cessation is a natural biological phenomenon which occurs around 45-55 years of women’s age. This cessation occurs due to the loss of ovarian follicular function and reduction in the blood oestrogen levels. It occurs like a transition phase which causes some problems to the women.

According to Ayurveda, it is called as Rajonivrutti kala which means

Rajah = menstrual blood +

nivrutti = separation /end/cessation +

kala = time period.

What are the common symptoms of Menopause?

The symptoms can be different according to the doshas involvement like Vataj lakshanas, Pittaj lakshanas and Kaphaj lakshanas.

The women undergoing Menopause suffers with Hot flushes, insomnia, depression, irritation, anxiety, dryness of vagina, heart and bladder discomfort, joint and muscle pain, etc.

As the women undergoing Menopause (Pre-menopausal) faces alleviated Pitta dosha which causes hot flushes and other conditions with burning sensations.

As her age approaches, Vata dosha becomes predominant dosha which needs to be taken care of till her age limit. It shows lakshanas like insomnia or sleep deprived conditions, irritation, anxiety, heart discomfort, dryness of vagina, joint and muscle pain.

If there is Kapha involvement then, women face problems like depression, sluggishness, etc.

How Tagara can help in Menopause and related issues to it?

Tagar helps to pacify the alleviated Vata dosha due to its Ushna virya and Kapha-vatashamaka property. Thus, can be a very helpful in the stress relief or reduction of the sleeplessness induced during Menopause.

During her whole lifespan, women takes some diet which can cause accumulation of ama (toxins) which gets removed due to the Ushna virya of Tagara.

Chinta (Anxiety) also occurs due to alleviated Vata dosha which again can get pacified due to use of Tagara. It is sleep inducing that too in a natural way.

It also can be helpful in reduction of Joint and muscle pain which are caused due to the Vata imbalance.

Tagara along with the perfect blend is in the Nabhi Sutra sleep inducing/stress relief belly button oil. Try to incorporate it in your daily regime by applying 3 drops in your belly button before going to bed.

Which diet you should prefer during Menopause?

  • Take warm food if possible; as it helps to pacify the Vata dosha which has Sheeta guna.
  • Add leafy vegetables, salads, etc more in your diet.
  • Take warm milk before going to bed as it helps for Calcium requirements of the body.
  • Try to avoid taking plain Curd during this period; rather you can drink buttermilk (mix curd with water in equal amount, churn it, take out the cream and add roasted cumin seeds, black salt, ginger, etc) with your lunch.

What else you can do for taking care of your health during Menopause?

  • Try to wake up early and take sunbath between 5-7 am i.e., morning hours.
  • Do Suryanamaskaras daily during the morning hours along with the sunbath.
  • Avoid excessive physical works, waking during night hours, etc.

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