Stretch Marks? They Need Moisture of This Ghee!

What are stretch marks?

A healthy skin with a good amount of hydration is stretchy and elastic in nature. This whole process gets controlled by two kind of abundant protein which are elastin and collagen. These proteins can be naturally found in muscles, skin and bones. The function of collagen is to provide skin its structure while, elastin helps in stretching of the skin.

Stretch marks (striae) are like long, narrow scars that tends to appear on areas of skin which goes through stretches or shrinkages quickly. This kind of a sudden change in the skin ruptures collagen and elastin proteins. Later, when the skin starts to heal these stretch marks starts to appear.  It tends to appear/form in the dermal layer of skin which starts to tear due to the slow growth of connective fibers and thus, allows the appearance of deeper layer of skin. This kind of changes are not seen in everyone but, the ones with fluctuating hormones are at higher risk especially when they have a family history too.  

When you get stretch marks? 

  • Puberty - Its quite common that teenagers undergoing puberty age get affected by stretch marks. As at this time of age their skin present on breast, hips, thighs, stomach, etc starts to grow quickly and stretch due to the hormonal changes in the body. The skin is naturally stretchy but, during puberty period due to overstretching of skin along with disrupted production of collagen and elastin, the skin starts to develop stretch marks.
  • Overweight or Obese persons or Rapid weight gain – due to the rapid accumulation of fat or weight gain the body gets stretch marks.
  • Pregnancy – during pregnancy too, there is a rapid gain as well as loosening of body weight. The stretch marks during pregnancy are called as Striae gravidarum.
  • Body builders- due to the sudden muscle growth and increase in body weight stretch marks starts to appear.
  • Marfan and Cushing syndrome
  • Prolong use of corticosteroids

Where you commonly develop stretch marks?

There are specific regions where you generally develop stretch marks-

  • Stomach region near navel
  • Thighs and hip area
  • Over the Breasts
  • Upper arms or even skin over biceps (body builders)
  • Lower back
  • Groin

What are the symptoms of stretch marks?

During initial phase, the skin starts to appear thin and pink along with irritation or itchiness. The stretched skin gets raised red color skin which later turns purple or pink or dark brown depending upon the color of skin.

Later, with time these streaks start to fade and change into shiny streaks lighter than the usual skin color which gives it sunken appearance.

Does Shata Dhauta Ghrita helps to get rid of stretch marks?

Yes, you can use Shata Dhauta Ghrita to get rid of stretch marks. But, there is a condition according to which it works on the skin. It’s always necessary that you should start using it before you develop permanent stretch marks.

Like, start using it from the first month of your pregnancy i.e., from the beginning. As, during pregnancy the formation of stretch marks in body turns out to be really bad aesthetically. During pregnancy kikkis (stretch marks) occurs as there is Vata prakopa (Vata accumulation) along with Tridosha prakopa (Tridosha accumulation).

Cow ghee is having Madhura Rasa (sweet taste) and Madhura Vipaka (effect after digestion of the substance) which pacifies Vata and Pitta doshas. While, preparation of Shata Dhauta Ghrita this whole action gets increased up to hundred times.

Adhyay Shata Dhauta Ghrita skin repair emollient, i.e.100 times washed cow ghee is prepared in copper vessel which may help in the collagen as well as elastin production and thus, can help in the reduction of stretch marks. It contains Aloe Vera gel which will help in reduction of irritation and itching during the formation of stretch marks. As it also promotes synthesis of elastin as well as collagen. It contains Marigold extract which is having proven results in collagen synthesis. It contains Rose water which will gives soothing and cooling effect to the skin as it might have got abraded due to scratching.

If during puberty it becomes difficult to understand from when you should start? Then, start when you get your very first itching on the breast, hips, thighs, stomach, etc during the pubertal age. Likewise, you can understand in other causes too.


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