Secrets to achieve beautiful skin from within - Dr.Nikhita Shere

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Dr. Nikhita Shere, an expert in Ayurveda, went on to pursue an MSc in Psychological Wellbeing and Mental Health from Nottingham Trent University, England. She realized that the contemporary issues in today’s world are much more complex than assessing it in its physicality. Although Ayurveda is a complete science of life, she also equipped herself with a training in Wellbeing Practices! Let's understand some more facts around ayurveda and skin care with a special chat with Dr.Nikhita Shere with Nabhi Sutra! 

1. Please suggest a routine for long term healthy skin.

A healthy skin is a result of numerous factors but most importantly a healthy diet and good lifestyle is key. Following a routine is the primary step into an Ayurvedic Way of Living and the same applies when it comes to Skincare. Always remember that simple habits go a long way in keeping the skin healthy. Never touch your face repeatedly, especially never pick on pimples. Keep your skin clean, apply natural cleansers that are readily available in your kitchen. For Dry Skin use Raw milk, for Combination skin type mix Horse gram flour (Besan) with rose water, For Oily/Sensitive skin Fresh Aloe vera pulp can be used. Keep your body hydrated by being mindful of your thirst and try to not have too much caffeine and regulate the sugar intake. And the most important step, Apply 2 drops of the Nabhi Sutra, “Sensational Skin” Navel oil in your belly button every night before bedtime and enrich your skin from within when your body is at rest.

2. Moisturisers or Oils? What works better & why? 

I would say Moisturisers for the Day and Oils for the night. Reason being that a moisturiser helps in solving the all rounded requirements for the day such as generating moisture, protecting the lipid barrier and preventing water loss, whilst an oil would be particularly helpful in repair of the skin and prevent water loss. Both have their own set of pros and cons, although it is a matter of preference I would still suggest using Moisturisers in the day with an SPF and for night regime go in for a Moisturiser or oil that is suited for your skin type. Also, I highly recommend practicing facial massage using oils once a week or at least once in 10 days to relax, rejuvenate and uplift the skin.

3. What causes White and Black heads? How can Nabhi Sutra help in preventing them?

White Heads and Black Heads are caused due to build-up of dead skin cells, bacteria along with the sebum that is a natural oil secretion in the hair follicles on our skin. When these are open on the outside of the pore and gets oxidised, it turns into a blackhead while when it clogs the pore and doesn’t open on the outside it has a whitish appearance that is called a white head. Nabhi Sutra’s Navel Oils work as a preventive as well as supplementary measure for skincare concerns as the Navel is known to be the central point in the body. Acharya Sushrut, describes it to be a location which has 700 Sira and 24 Dhamani originating from it. Therefore, regular application of concern specific oil by Nabhi Sutra is helpful in preventing them as well as following a good skincare regime is mandatory.

4. What is the main reason of pimples formation? How is Nabhi Sutra helpful in avoiding them?

There could be multiple reasons for pimple formation, ranging from a hormonal imbalance, to a poor lifestyle and lack of nutrients to a disturbed or upset gut, stress factor and using incorrect skincare products. The Nabhi sutra “Sensational Skin” Navel oil is a blend of oils naturally rich in Vitamin E & Vitamin C. Regular application of these oil will prevent skincare concerns at the same time keep it healthy and supple.

5. There are several lotions, creams and serums available for skin care, how effective are they and can Nabhi Sutra be used along with those rituals?

Skincare products are evolving every single day with newer ingredients and unique formulations but I would suggest keep your skincare basic. Get the help of an expert to guide you through to select the right products or simply study your own skin. Don’t get blinded by a friend’s recommendation, because what may have worked for them may not hold true for you, unless you have the exact same skin type, concerns and age group.

Yes, Nabhi Sutra can be certainly used alongside the skincare products as the Navel oiling ritual is not just helpful in improving the skin but also enhances the wellbeing by practicing self-care on a daily basis. 

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