Understanding our hair and hair fall with Ayurveda : Dr.Nikhita Shere

Kesha is the Sanskrit term for Hair. It is a byproduct of Asthi dhatu which is co related with protein and calcium element in body. As per the Ayurvedic principles, a balanced diet and lifestyle plays a key role in maintaining healthy hair. If there is a shift in these two it leads to hair fall, premature greying and other hair woes. Further on, in today’s times there are multiple factors which could significantly damage the hair and the commonly observed ones are Stress and Environmental Pollution. So let us understand the Ayurvedic perspective to Haircare, the right diet & lifestyle for strong and lustrous hair.

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As per Ayurveda, our body is made up of three bio dynamic energies, Vaat, wind energy, Pitta, fire energy and Kapha, Earth and water energy. For a healthy functioning of body, all three must be aligned in perfect harmony at all times. Additionally, Ayurveda strongly believes in the mind body and soul connection. Internal and External factors both influence the Doshas. Whenever there is a disruption from its balanced state, it leads to disorders as per the cause, origin and nature. 
Some of the common causes of Hair fall as per Ayurveda ;      
  1. Eating excessively spicy, hot, oily, processed, fermented food.
  2. Sour, stale, frozen, salty, food with artificial flavouring and preservatives.
  3. Excessive physical activity, stress, anxiety and overthinking.
  4. People with Pitta Prakruti/ Body constitution are more likely to have a tendency to hair fall and premature greying.
  5. Intake of Red meats, Alcohol, Vinegar, Pickles and Tobacco.
Healthy growth of hair is dependant on Vaat and Pitta dosha while strong hair follicles are dependant on Kafa dosha. Therefore, having a diet that is rich in healthy fats such as Sesame, Almonds, Walnuts, Pistachios, Cow’s Ghee and Milk is essential. Also make sure to include Aamla that is Indian Gosseberry in your daily diet in the form of Murabba, Sharbats, Dry Candy, steamed or raw by self. Incorporate Fenugreek seeds regularly in your diet as it helps promote hair growth due to its protein metabolite. 

Apart from internal nourishment, external hair care measure have special importance in the Ayurvedic Regime. Shiro-Abhyangam meaning head massage with specialised hair oil is an essential step recommended for healthy, strong and lustrous hair. Our Head being one of the extremities that is exposed to environment directly is known to be a location of Vaat. As we know Vaat is associated with dryness, it should always be balanced with moistening and lubricating therapies. Hair oiling is the ideal practise for ensuring strong hair roots and healthy hair growth as it brings a balance in all three doshas. Furthermore, the process of head massage with warm oil boosts the blood circulation while activating the ingredients in oil that helps in supplying rich nutrients and deeper penetration of hair oil. It induces good sleep and promotes emotional wellbeing by relaxing the mind and body.
Nuskha hair oil
As an ayurvedic doctor & wellbeing practitioner, I recommend using Nuskha Scalp Therapy Oil as it is a specialised Ayurvedic Hair oil that is curated for ensuring Healthy Hair and preventing Hair fall. It has ingredients such as Onion and Neem which are anti bacterial, Fenugreek & Coconut that is excellent for hair growth and strong roots, Turmeric that is anti microbial and anti inflammatory as well as Almond which is nourishing and moisturising for the scalp. Its easy to incorporate hair oil must be made a part of your haircare ritual for maintaining healthy hair and overall wellbeing. In addition, use 2-3 drops of Nabhi Sutra’s Haircare Belly Button Oil as it would be helpful to supplement the vital nourishment from within and ensure everyday as a good hair day!

Dr. Nikhita Shere
Ayurvedic Doctor & Wellbeing Practitioner
B.A.M.S. (MUHS) & MSc. Psychological Wellbeing and Mental Health, U.K.

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I am 42. I have thyroid for the last 20 years, take Thyronorm 50 mg every morning. Which oil do you suggest for me to reduce hair fall and promote hair growth.

Suprava November 06, 2022

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