Begin your day with Yoga & End with Nabhi Sutra

Nabhi Sutra

Precaution is better than cure. Indian Ayurveda is saying this from ages. Earlier few people have digested this fact but due this pandemic, the entire world started believing in it. We all have started believing in being safe and taking precautionary measures for our lives. I can see the lifestyle is changing now and people have started believing in our ancient treasure of remedies to protect ourselves and loved ones.
In such time, it is important to define your routine that can build your immunity from the roots.

 Ayurveda and Yoga, both are the biggest gift Indian culture has given to the world. Ayurveda depicts our belly button as the source of our complete consciousness. Puranas title our navel as our second brain. A baby in the womb is provided for through navel. Everything a fetus needs to become healthy baby is supplied through navel. This ascertains the role of our navel for our better health. If you can plan our daily routine by adding a small habit of applying Nabhi Sutra oil in your navel before you sleep, it can give back the results which can surprise you. Yoga can gift your body the immunity, flexibility, peace and more that can help you to make yourself a calm person to deal with current scenario. Begin your day with 1 hour of yoga and end with 3 drops of Nabhi Sutra Belly Button oil in your navel and massage it in circular clockwise motion for better results. Time is unfortunate but we could utilise it for our own betterment by adding some. “NEW” to our daily routine. Stay home, Stay Safe! 


How to use Nabhi Sutra for parallel two problems,say hair issues and pigmentation

Sonal Gandhi March 01, 2023

I would like to inform that nabhi sutra company shld hve firstbintroduced navel displacement oil for nabhi which many ppl complain .
To get rid of nabhi displacement plz introduce nabhi treatment for navel displacement .
Which we as patients are eagerly waiting for .

Huma sayed January 18, 2023

If one wants to treat more than one issue simultaneously, how and when can we apply the different oils.For example a hair fall issue and a need to improve digestion, maybe also for better vision.Right now i am using the hair treatment.Please do advise.

Mita Dass November 17, 2022

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