6 ingredients never fail to show its magic on your hair


Your hair is made up of Keratin protein which are of high Sulphur content due to the presence of two Sulphur containing amino acids called as methionine and cysteine. When, you look at composition of hair then, you will understand how important the Sulphur is? Your hair is chemically made up of Carbon (45%), Oxygen (28%), Nitrogen (5%), Hydrogen (7%) and Sulphur (5%). If a food item contains Sulphur in it then, it will definitely smell bad or can have a very strong smell. The same goes with onions which have a bad smell and have Sulphur in it. The onion juice application on hair and scalp can promote hair growth and more collagen production, reduction of hair fall, makes hair thick and strong, adds shine to your hair, delays premature greying. It can prevent breakage and hair thinning. Its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties can prevent dandruff as well as scalp infections. It is twakdoshara which means it treats skin infection or even can treat scalp infections. It is considered as kandughna i.e., can treat itchiness of your scalp. As overuse of anything can be harmful and the same goes with onion as it is considered as tikshna (sharp) and ishata ushna (slightly hot). 


Have you ever heard or read about DHT and androgenic alopecia?

Androgenic alopecia is male hormone originated hair loss. This generally occurs on the top and front areas of your scalp which causes your hair line to recede after many years. This is partly responsible for the baldness or any kind of pattern baldness in male and female. DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is a derivative of male hormone called as testosterone. This male hormone is not only present in males (300-1000 ng/dL) but, also females in small quantities (9-55 ng/dL). In an adult every day almost 10 percent of the testosterone gets converted into DHT. If there is a large amount of DHT flowing through the blood stream then, it starts to get linked with the receptors present on the hair follicles. This causes shrinkage of hair follicles and thus, increases hair fall leading to baldness.

Fenugreek seeds or methi seeds stimulate the hair follicles and thus, increases the blood circulation. These seeds contain iron, protein, alkaloids, saponins which promotes hair growth. It interacts with DHT metabolism and thus, improves hair follicle conditions.


Almond oil helps to moisturise your hair by locking in moisture. It strengthens hair roots as well as prevents breakage because it contains Vitamin B7, which is an amazing natural alternative to biotin supplements. It contains oleic and linoleic acid which helps to improve hair elasticity and thus, prevents any kind of breakage. It contains Vitamin E which prevents any damage from sun rays. The presence of Magnesium improves the hair revival and thus, the hair density on your crown doesn’t gets lesser. It is having antioxidants in sufficient amount. The almond oil which is extracted from the almonds is antibacterial, anti-fungal as well as anti-inflammatory. It helps in reduction of frizzy hair as it seals hair moisture by locking the moisture. It promotes melanin production and thus, restores hair colour. It is Vata vairi which means it is enemy of Vata dosha and thus, helps in reduction of Vata dosha. It is Netropama phala which means it is beneficial for your eyes. Thus, application of Almond oil is highly beneficial for the head. 


It helps in treating oily hair as well as scalp due to its anti-inflammatory properties and antibacterial properties. It is considered as a natural ingredient which can increase the length of anagen or growth phase of your hair. In this phase new hair pushes the older, damaged hair up and makes it out of the hair follicle. It is found in a clinical study that use of turmeric can help in lengthening the growth phase of your hair growth cycle. This is all because of Curcumin which is one of the bio ingredient found in turmeric. This helps in lowering inflammation which makes it helpful during hair loss issues and thus, improves damaged hair. It is rich in anti-oxidants which again helps it in preventing damaged caused by free radicals. It can prevent dandruff as well due to its anti-microbial properties. Turmeric oil can improve the blood circulation and thus, more blood flow to your scalp which increases more oxygen and nutrient flow. This leads to the new hair follicle growth. 


It promotes health of hair, reduces hair loss, reduces inflammation and prevents dandruff. It is having antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant properties.

There is a condition called Telogen effluvium which is an actually temporary shedding of hair or hair thinning. In a clinical study, it is proven that the black seed oil can improve this condition. This is also known as kalonji oil, its alkaloids and saponins can boost healthy hair growth and slow down the greying as well as ageing process. It contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that increases blood circulation and thus, promotes rapid growth of your hair strands. In one more study, it was found that hair fall got reduced by 76 percent by using hair oil containing kalonji oil.


Neem is being used for skin and hair nourishment from a very long time. Its leaves are essentially helpful for the hair conditioning. It helps in making your hair healthier and decreases the hair fall. It is extremely beneficial and effective in case of lice and dandruff of your hair. Its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties helps in the reduction of any scalp issues. Thus, helps to strengthen the hair roots and creates a healthy scalp for new growth. Use of neem can improve the shininess of your hair. It also prevents premature greying of your hair as it a great antioxidant. Its oil is rich in fatty acids, vitamin E, antioxidants, etc. The nimbidin present in neem can supress inflammation which can prevent dermatitis or any scalp irritation.

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