Nabhi Sutra

Overnight 6 Week Scalp Therapy Oil : Contains onion oil

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Reviving our faith in traditional ways, again!

Ayurveda is a way of life and has abundance of knowledge in its arsenal.  Scalp therapy is one of them. Do you recollect the time when our nanny used to chase and pin us to apply oil in our hair and we used to gleefully sit in her lap and enjoy the nourishment. Yes, this reminiscent is the founding pillar of ADHYAY: From Granny’s Diary! With a focus of reviving our faith in those traditional ways.

We have carefully crafted our formulation to provide a nourishing product, natural ingredients and composition is the key. We have achieved this with help of our associated Ayurvedic doctors and our Dear Grannies.Their guidance has helped us develop a balance that helps in our healthy and strong hair.

It is the Natural Source of Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Iron etc in our product that  help us to get those beautiful thick hair back!

Our Cold-pressed oils do not go through any heat treatment, ensuring retention of their nutrients. It also contains therapeutic grade essential oils which helps to improve the quality of skin layers of the scalp and hair follicles.

  • How to apply?:

    • One Vial at a time
    • Warm the vial in Microwave for few seconds (10-15) or in hot water bath
    • Apply drop by drop with help of our dropper, on sections of scalp
    • Massage your head for 3-5 minutes
    • Comb for at least 30 seconds (improves circulation)
    • Sleep over it and wash next morning (Use your favourite shampoo and conditioner)

*Use 2 vials every week and follow the process for 6 consecutive weeks to see better results. (this box contains 12 vials to fulfil 6 week's requirement)


  • Nourishes & moisturises the scalp and hair 
  • Strengthen roots of the hair
  • Supports fighting dandruff 
  • Reduce hair fall & Improvise volume
  • Reduce premature greying
  • Improvise hair texture 



Sulphur in Onion nourishes hair follicles and restores nutrients, prevents bacterial infection and dandruff. Therapeutic grade of onion oil is an essential part of this blend.


Thyme contains vitamin C & A. It promotes hair growth by both stimulating the scalp and actively preventing hair loss.


Our granny’s favourite, Fenugreek oil, is very rich in iron. promotes hair growth and stronger hair follicles. A very important ingredient for thickening of hair.


Turmeric with many other benefits, it acts as anti-microbial and helps in reducing dandruff with time! It also revitalises the scalp.


A well known and a must have ingredient for hair care is coconut. It moisturises dry hair, adds lustre, shine and softness to the hair. Also prevents breakage and split ends.


Neem is an age old and well-known scalp saviour with its immense healing properties. It regulates the secretion of sebum and normalizes dryness or oiliness of the scalp.


The magnesium rich almonds can nourishes and moisturise the scalp to reduce flakiness. Also prevents the hair from damages.

Black Seed

Black Seed Oil contains Linoleic acid which helps to slow down the greying process of the hair. Also makes the hair smooth and shiny with regular usage.

Manufacturing Info

MRP: 987/- INR
Expiry Date:
 24 months from manufacturing
Country of Origin: India
Manufacturer: Asian life care Pvt. Ltd. | Plot No. 3-3A, Shah Industrial Park-2, Manjusar, Savli, Vadodara. Mfg Lic No. GA/1766

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