Why Nabhi Sutra Do Not Clash With Your Hair Removal Treatment? - Dr.Shivani Pandey

Nowadays, Laser hair removal demand has accelerated globally, day by day. As it has many advantages like it is cost effective, less painful, less time consuming and gives a long lasting effect.

In this procedure, a laser beam emits light which is readily absorbed by melanin pigment present in the hair. Here, the light energy gets transformed into heat energy which permanently damages the hair follicle and the stem cells. Thus, prevents further hair growth which sometimes may require multiple (6-8) sittings. This is much effective in those persons who have lighter skin complexion (less melanin) and dark coarse hair (more melanin), as laser treatment requires melanin pigment to act upon.

Here, use of Nabhi sutra healthy hair belly button oil will promote natural hair growth and will not hamper the laser treatment as during the laser treatment the hair gets destroyed from hair follicles. Thus, it gets irreversible and permanently damaged which can’t be grown even after using hair oil or body lotion containing oils (like coconut oil) on the skin.   

This can be easily understood by taking an example of a farm. If we burn or destroy a farm then it will convert into an unfertile land. But, if some crops are left in it then, those crops can regrow. The burning will be good if the crops are good which will convert it into a completely infertile land. Thus, regrowth will occur only when re-plantation is done. Same is the case of body hair i.e., the growth will occur only when new hair follicles are implanted surgically.

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