Why in Ayurveda, Nabhi was chosen as a route of therapy? : Dr.Shivani Pandey

There are 72,000 most prominent nadis in our body. These nadis carry prana (i.e., life force energy) which could be in the form of body fluids running through channels like arteries, veins, lymph canals, etc. The nadis are believed to be emerging from navel as during the early phase of life it acts as a root which nurtures the growing life. These are densely connected with navel region, heart region and brain region of the body. 

There are 114 chakras in our body out of which seven chakras are considered major. These chakras are like major nerve centers of our body which are associated with complex nerve bundles, major organs as well as the physiological, emotional, and spiritual well-being of a person. The energies of these chakras are little imbalanced and gets shifted by our daily activities which includes mental as well as physical stress. Manipura chakra is the 3rd major chakra among them; it is located 3 fingers above the Nabhi. This chakra is considered very important as it is connected to the central nervous system of the body. It is associated with Kidney as well as Pancreas, Adrenal gland which have a major role in digestion, metabolism and elimination. Hence, we can understand why it is considered as the seat of body’s Agni/fire (digestive power). Thus, taking care of Nabhi gives nourishment to the body and takes care of various body organs as well as other parts of the body. Nabhi Chikitsa is also a healing therapy written in our vedas. 

Why in older times oil/ghee were preferably chosen for the application on Nabhi? 

I did some research and found that administration of a steroidal hormone like testosterone (lipid soluble) through navel showed faster absorption and greater systemic bioavailability than its intravenous injections as well as its application on forearm.

The reason behind this could be -

Firstly, Skin (stratum corneum) is generally having lipid bilayer as the outermost layer and this makes it easier for lipid soluble substance to pass through it which makes it more bioavailable.   

Secondly, presence of thin skin (due to absence of fat layers) around navel than skin of other body parts makes it easier to penetrate through it.

The oil and ghee are lipid soluble substances which facilitates penetration across the skin layer around navel.

Why Nabhi Sutra oil is good for you?

Nabhi Sutra has made some combinations/ formulations which will directly help to target the affected sites. So, that people will not have confusions regarding the use of oils/ghee. The Nabhi Sutra oil can be used in a daily routine for healthy individuals too by taking care of dose or number of uses in a day.

Why only 3 drops of oil?

Nabhi is not a passage like nostrils through which oil/ghee can reach target sites rapidly. It rather takes time to absorb, as it works through diffusion mechanism. Thus, it should be used in minimal amount which will give time to penetrate through skin.  

Why it is only night time ritual? 

In Ayurveda, sleeping during the daytime is totally restricted except in some of the conditions. Thus, applying oils on navel during the night time (6-8 hours) gives enough time to absorb through it.

During sleeping hours (if dinner was taken 3 hours prior), the gastric emptying makes it easier for absorption and gives time to heal.

How you can get maximum benefits using Nabhi Sutra oils?

As we know to achieve good results we need to be consistent always. Likewise, include Nabhi Sutra oils in your daily regime to achieve maximum benefits.

Can you mix the Nabhi Sutra oils or can you use the oils interchangeably?

No, to get maximum benefits try to incorporate a single Nabhi Sutra oils at a time. Do not mix the oils and use or don’t use them alternatively.

Suppose yesterday night you had applied Nabhi Sutra Healthy Hair care – Belly Button oil then, use the same oil till you achieve the desired results.

What else you can do to get maximum benefits using Nabhi Sutra oils?

Firstly, a healthy gut is much needed to get maximum benefits from Nabhi Sutra oils. As these works by the absorption through navel which is placed anatomically in front of your gut.

Secondly, try to give a good massage for 1-2 minutes which will enhance the absorption. The message should be done in a clockwise direction and try to press your navel a little during massaging. Do not over press as it may lead to pain on a long run.

Thirdly, try to clear your navel the next morning using warm water. Later, dry the navel area using a soft and cottony towel without rubbing it too much. As, this area is not much exposed to air which can promote bacterial or fungal growth.

Fourthly, try to incorporate some meditative practices as well as yogic practices like Makarasana, Bhujangasana, Shalabhasana and Dhanurasana in your daily routine. These practices will improve your gut health and will give mental clarity.


Hello, I have ordered Nabhi Sutra Skin and Nabhi Sutra Digestion Oil! I’m male, 39 years old looking for a good skin and better digestive health!

How to use or should I mix both? Or
Use alternative days? Please advise!

Dhananjay Rudra February 21, 2024

Nabhi Sutra belly button oil.

I have been using this oil for last one month. I didn’t found it effective.

Raghunath November 18, 2023

I used the digestion and detox as prescribed and the very next evening I had stomach cramps, loose motions and nausea, I vomited all night and the next day. The second night inspire of the discomfort I applied 3 drops in the navel and was worse in the day. I have still not recovered and have had to postpone my travel plans and change air tickets. I feel I should have been warned. Also there is no recourse to consultation or support on your website except sales. I would like to know what I did wrong and what other considerations were to be kept in mind to make good use of the treatment. I have been taking coconut water and nimboo pani with honey and nothing else. I would vomit otherwise.
My tickets are rescheduled for tomorrow but I’m not sure I have the strength to be able to travel for 19 hours in this condition.

Vasu Yajnik-Setia May 21, 2023

I was a little concerned after using 3 of the vials of the falling fair 6 week treatment, my hair fall became noticeably worse, so I’ve discontinued it.
The Belly button oil for falling hair didn’t do anything for about 3 weeks and then it really aggravated the area.
I am usually wary of buying health related items online due to quality and freshness of ingredients and these oils have definitely raised concerns.

Neena Naidu March 19, 2023

The joint pain oil really worked for me
Do let me know how long can I use it.
I wish to try the one for good sleep also along with the belly button joint pain oil.
How should I use both together.?
Waiting for your reply

Sumita Mukherjee February 27, 2023

Thankyou mam for giving us ayurvedic knowledge in such a scientific way, Now we can easily explain navi sutra oil to our patient.

Aditya kumar November 05, 2022

Thankyou mam for giving us ayurvedic knowledge in such a scientific way, Now we can easily explain navi sutra oil to our patient.

Aditya kumar November 05, 2022

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