Night Rituals To Follow For Acne Prone Skin - Dr. Shivani

In Ayurveda, Acne is considered as Mukhadooshika or Yuvanpidika. This condition is more common among teenagers or young individuals with age limit up to 25 years. Approximately, 85% of teenagers gets affected due to this condition. Skin conditions always have physical as well as psychological impact on an individual which later affects their mental health. So, it’s really important to educate your children about such kind of issues. As this peer pressure among the teenagers can really affect a child’s life and may shatter his/her confidence.

Mukhadooshika or Yuvanpidika mainly occurs due to Vata dosha, Kapha dosha and Rakta dosha vitiation. It is said that this condition can adversely affect someone’s mukha kanti (skin texture or lusture).

What could be the reason behind this condition?

Firstly, could be due to the Swabhava (natural phenomenon) of one’s body.

Secondly, during adolescence age every individual may face such conditions of oiliness in the face. As Acharya Sharangdhara has rightly said that Vaktra Snigdhata (oily face) as well as Pidika (furuncle) formation occurs during Traunaavastha (adolescent period).

Thirdly, some hormonal imbalances occur during this stage of life.

What you can do to control acne on acne prone skin?

1. Diet: Diet plays an important role in such conditions.

As Ayurveda says, “Sarvada Sarvabhavanam Samanyam Vriddhikaranam” means properties of the ahara (food) or vihara (activities, etc) can have an add-on effect on the existing vitiated dosha. This we can understand with an example-

If, Rakta dosha of an individual has got vitiated then, this condition may get aggravated by taking more of the meat, non-vegeterian food items, etc.

So, avoid such food items which can aggravate your Vata dosha, Kapha dosha and Rakta dosha. Thus, avoid excessive use of –

a. Non-vegeterian food items
b. Dry or very oily food items like chips, etc.
c. Use of sugary or sugar coated items like candies, ice-creams, etc.
d. Avoid taking cheese containing items like pizza, burger, etc.
e. Don’t use curd individually. Either take buttermilk or any other kind of curd preparations.

2.  Makeup: In earlier times, girls of this age were always told not to put makeup or any other beauty enhancing products on their face. This could be the reason behind taking care of young girl’s skin as they could be oilier or acne prone skin or may react differently.

3. Counselling: Along with the good diet plan, counselling is also equally important as the girls might face some issues like low self-confidence, low self-esteem, inferiority complex, etc. They should be regularly being taught and reminded regarding how beautiful they are as an individual. How every individual is complete in their own way

4. Clean your face: Girls in adolescence or a person suffering from acne should always wash their face with mild soap or herbal powders in order to prevent any infection or blocking of the sebum gland leading to acne, etc.

5. Use of Neem: As we know Neem has an anti-bacterial property which really helps to take care of any infection. So, you can use Neem leaf containing products, Neem oil containing products in your daily routine.

6. Use Nabhi Sutra Acne control belly button oil as it contains Neem oil, Peppermint oil, Lemon oil, Castor oil and Olive oil which may helps to clarify your blood, reduce inflammation and add glow to your skin.

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