How your skin behaves around periods and how to deal with it?

As many of you, might have experienced different type of skin conditions during specific time period of your menstrual cycle. So, it should be clear in your mind that your menstrual cycle can have some effect on your skin. Thus, you need to understand your skin and how you can take care of it around your periods.

How to know the cause of your skin breakouts during periods or around periods?

Well, it’s not always the same throughout your menstrual cycle. According to modern science, there are FOUR phases of your menstrual cycle. These are:


While, according to Ayurveda Ritu chakra (menstrual cycle) is mainly divided into three:

  1. RAJAHSRAVA KALA (Menstrual phase) ­– This time period of 4-5 days has more Vata dosha involvement naturally. As, Vata dosha helps in the natural flow of the menstrual blood and thus, eases the blood flow. But, its more aggravation may cause some problem with the blood flow.

  2. RITU KALA (Proliferative phase) – This time period is before the previous kala. In this Kapha dosha increases naturally. As Kapha dosha can be responsible for tissue development of endometrial lining during this phase.

  3. RITU VYATIT KALA (Secretory phase) – This time period comes after the first kala. This is mainly the Pitta kala.

Thus, if you are experiencing the skin alterations, breakouts, pimples, blackheads, oily skin or any other changes in your skin texture. Then, start tracing it; try to note in which time period it occurs. In majority of females, severe breakouts are seen during end of their menstrual flow. As this is the kala of Pitta dosha which can cause severe painful breakouts.

If you feel there is no periodic reoccurrence then, it’s not due to hormonal changes. This could be due to stress, environmental changes, harmful chemicals or toxins in your food, etc. to deal with this you should understand the underlying cause. 

How to deal with your skin breakouts during periods or around periods?

I have already explained, how to understand the cause of it.

As rightly said in Vaidyajeevanam book that “Pathye sati gadaartasya kimaushadha nishevadaye, Pathye asasti gadarta kimaushadha nishevadaye” which means no amount of medicine can do anything good to a patient who is not taking care of his/her diet regime and similarly, no amount of medicine is required to a patient if he takes care of his/her diet regime.

Now, if your skin condition is Vata dosha related and you can see dry, flaky skin too. Then, you should start taking warm, moist food along with cow ghee. You can also add Sesame seed, Flax seed, etc., in your diet. The best way is to roast these seeds and add it to your salads. In this condition avoid taking peas, black gram, dry roasted corn, kidney shaped beans or anything which increases gas formation or flatulence in your body.

Similarly, if your skin condition is Kapha dosha related then, take warm, dry or dry roasted, light food with minimum use of ghee or oil. The best thing you can do is to take meals always in warm conditions. Try to do intermittent fasting of 4 hours between your meals. Avoid over greasy, starchy, sugar coated or sugary items, sweetened food, syrups like chocolate syrups, cold drinks, cheese, curd, etc.

And, if you are feeling its due to Pitta dosha. Then, take add cold potency food in your diet like coconut, amla, buttermilk, ghee, etc. Avoid taking tea, coffee, sour-salty-spicy food, packed food (like chips), pizza, burger, curd, etc.

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