Taking To The Tank : Nabhi Sutra X Shark Tank India Season 3

Everyone asked us about our journey at Shark Tank India Season 3 and we thought to share it with everyone here.

We were the fortunate few who received an opportunity to be a part of the sought-after television show which has stolen people’s heart since 3 seasons. Shark Tank India Season 3, truly an enriching experience. It was not only exuberant but insightful as well. 

It was a roller coaster, as soon as we got the news that we will be part of Shark Tank it felt fictitious at first. However, when the news sunk in, we were feeling so many things in one go, felt, excited and thrilled but also skeptical with butterflies in stomach.

We always had faith in our products and MO, but this opportunity not only meant great validation but also felt like a responsibility. It was on us to not only, to ensure capitalize on this break we are getting but was our responsibility that we represent our rituals and do justice to them.

On the sets, while rehearsing the energy was different and high. Meeting other entrepreneurs, knowing their journeys, their visions and what led them to this day, with us in rehearsal rooms of Shark Tank - India, was not only fascinating but inspiring and enriching experience. Guess, their determinations injected energy in us as well to focus on our strengths then to dwell on the self-created fears.

The intense rehearsals led to the moment of truth, our time in the seemingly ominous Tank! To our surprise all the fears, skepticism and negative thoughts vanished as soon as the colossal doors opened and we entered in the shiny room with 5 champions of their fields also perceived as fearsome Sharks.

Once the mugged up pitch was done with, we were welcomed to Shark Tank by gracious Ms Namita Thapar, her acceptance and knowledge about Ayurvedic way of being instill confidence within us.

It was humbling to see that every Shark was listening to our story, products and our business intently. We could see the curiosity in their eyes, their this curiosity helped us dissipate the leftover anxiety we had standing in front of them. 

This relaxed atmosphere helped us express freely and there were even plenty of witty Banter with the Sharks.

Each Shark left a distinct impression on us!

The #SweetSensationalshark, Ms Namita Thapar; ever so gracious, carries effortless air of sophistication. She is unassumingly observant and speaks her mind. Her faith in Ayurved and alternative healing gave us considerable boost during our pitch. The skepticism she had about our marketing decision gave us healthy counter to our approach towards how we wish to represent our products in the market. An honest and considerate shark.
P.S. : Namina Thapar is quite aware why this sensationalism is here :)  

The #SugarStrength Ms Vineeta Singh, crisp and sharp just like her fashion. Her sound understanding in branding, knowing the market and impact of price points for business were something we wish to imbibe. She was kind enough to make us identify basic factors to review while launching a product in such a competitive market space. Clear headed and straight forward mentor like Queen of cosmetic world.

The #SmartSpruce Mr Peyush Bansal, the fact that he liked our upcoming skin cream, validated our method and process of developing a product. Just like every top ranking student he was quite, spoke to the point and understood the brand before coming to a conclusion. His pragmatic approach towards business was reflected in his guidance for us to take our business ahead. Quietly intelligent & strong headed business wizard. 

The #SassyShark Mr Aman Gupta, initially was not keen due to certain past experience but once that mould was broken, we were able to peak his curiosity. His to the point counsel for our brand and business helped us see the bigger picture. He may come across a happy go lucky person but behind that fun loving personality is a calculative and smart entrepreneur. Like a lion he is a nonchalant king of his business.

The #SuperShark Mr Anupam Mittal, was intrigued from the word go, he was like a flamboyant headmaster. Asked a lot of relevant technical and practical questions. This grilling from him helped us realise the importance of being thorough. His insight on how investments and capitalist approach may impact our business made us look at our business in another light. The charismatic and outspoken emperor in his own right.

Our experience which may look bittersweet from a viewer’s perspective, however, we can proudly say that it was outright sweet for us. It was only through a platform like this that we would have gained so much learning in such short span of time. There were expectations and we can confidently say that Shark Tank India surpassed all of them and more!  

Nabhi Sutra, Featured in 6th Episode of Shark Tank India Season 3 @SONYLIV. Do watch it. Because learning has taken a new shape now with Shark Tank India. Have a happy streaming!  


Mr. Vaibhav,
My self J P JINDAL, Practicing Homeopathy and Alternative Healing, in USA, for several years. I had seen your presentation at Shark Tank, on You tube.
Presentation was appealing for a Medical Personal and not for them. They couldn’t see the future of your products. I see your products can upgrade and cure the entire population of this word, because, people of all age group need these products. Mr. Shah being you are a Ayurvedic Doctor, can you tell the mechanism as how your products work. We need a scientific expression about working of each product.
I willing to work on this aspect and promote your range in my practice. Scope is unlimited.
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CELL # +1 7134443881
( I am on what’s app also

J P JINDAL March 04, 2024

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