Nabhi Sutra

Hair & Skin Care Combo

Rs. 1,505 Rs. 2,315.60
Beauty care combo for healthy Hair and Skin Care with Adhyay & Nabhi Sutra!

A duo made to fulfil your requirements to maintain your hair and skin together! It is curated to provide the nourishment from inside out. You can start using our pure and natural scalp therapy oil by Adhyay with addition of 3 drops of oil in your belly button before you sleep on daily basis! The combination will help to improvise the quality of your scalp and hair follicles and the same time, you can improvise your skin with help our 3 drops therapy. 

To know more about individual products and their benefits, kindly visit Sensational Skin Care Belly Button Oil and ADHYAY Overnight Scalp therapeutic oil.
Do not forget to check the application process and other required details for both the products by checking the given links. 

Have a Beautiful Year Ahead! 

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