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Nuskha - Forest Raw Honey
Nuskha - Forest Raw Honey
Nuskha - Forest Raw Honey
Nuskha - Forest Raw Honey

Nuskha - Forest Raw Honey

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Served By Nature! 

Honey, produced by Honey bees in bee-hives, ripened naturally without any artificial procedure to reach at the peak of the nutrition with purity! This is what Nuskha Raw & Unprocessed Forest Honey is trying to serve you in this jar. Honey gets its colour from its pollen that a hive gathers from the surrounding. This honey is collected from the forests of Gujarat with help of local experts. Just making sure to reach to you in a purest form, as served by nature. 

FOREST HONEY: Collected from the forests of Gujarat, with help of the local experts by analysing the age and quality of the hive. Saved from pollution, pesticides, antibiotics, or other chemicals. No artificial procedure or adulteration involved.  

NATURAL: We believe in purity and Nuskha Raw Honey is a jar form of what nature has served us. It has all the beneficial enzymes and pollen intact.

PURE: Can be thickened with time, is one of the sign of purity!

Unprocessed | Unheated | Unpasteurised | No artificial colour | No artificial Flavour