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Healing Hamper - Mega
Healing Hamper - Mega
Healing Hamper - Mega
Healing Hamper - Mega
Healing Hamper - Mega
Healing Hamper - Mega
Healing Hamper - Mega
Healing Hamper - Mega
Healing Hamper - Mega

Healing Hamper - Mega

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Make Your Loved One's Diwali Special & Beautiful!

Festivals are about sharing, expressing & celebrating the joys of life with your loved ones. We Indians, rejoice with gusto & special touch during such auspicious occasions.It is our culture, our heritage. Now, in this current digital world, it is a reason to make our family, friends and loved ones feel loved again with a small gesture of gifting.  

This pandemic, we may or may not meet them, but the tradition should not hold back! At Nabhi Sutra, we know the importance of our culture, bonding, expressions and Safety. We have added them all in our Mini and Mega Hamper collection to make your Festival bright and Safe!

Nabhi Sutra- Healing From Within! Worth INR 2316 

Gift them a regimen that they cherish with comfort and ease of usage to maintain their skin and hair with our natural and pure 3 Drops therapy! It contains 4 packs of Nabhi Sutra (2 combo packs) - that has beauty benefits along with health benefits.
Healthy Hair, Sensational Skin, Joint Pain Relief oil and our newly launched product Daily Digest oil can satisfy the need of the entire family! 

To know more about individual products and their benefits, kindly visit Healthy Hair and Sensational Skin Belly Button Oils, Joint Pain Relief oil & Daily Digest Oil. 

Wash Safe Outdoors, for safe daily outings! Worth INR 440

Wash Safe – Outdoors Is a handy alternative of water to keep your Body & Hands germs and dirt free whole day long. It cleanses, moisturises, hydrates & soothes skin in a completely new way. It is specially designed for your convenience.
To know more about the product, kindly visit Washsafe Outdoors Sanitiser & Cleanser

VedicLeaf, You Can’t ignore! Worth INR 208

Giloy Vati: Taking care of your immunity is at peak now a days. Add a small habit of taking Giloy Vati Ayurvedic tablets and keep building the immunity.

Neem: How can we forget the benefits of Neem in our lives? It has tremendous benefits and can be an unavoidable substance which not only helps us to fight with anti bacterial infections but also supports blood purification in the body. Eventually, it will cleanse the skin also in the entire process.

To know more about our products, kindly visit Vedic Leaf Giloy & Vedic Leaf Neem

BakeYard Vitamin C Fruit Chunkies, For Your Festive Tooth! Worth INR 244

We are being careful about what we eat and what not to eat nowadays. During this dilemma, The BakeYard came with a great suggestion to make the combo sweetened with your sweet message with Vitamin C Chunkies (Jelly pops). These are real fruit based chunks without any artificial syrups! Let them enjoy the Real fruits with Real benefits! 

For more details of the products, kindly visit BakeYard 

Do you think any addition/edition is required? Do not worry! We can customise it for you! Call us at 70430 78137 & We will be happy to match your needs!